Good afternoon. In the joint work
of “D5 CONVERTER PLUGIN COMPATIBILITY” Archicad 25 c D5 Render, a problem occurs when saving a file. How to eliminate it?

Translation----Confirm saving as-Do you want to replace it?

Снимок экрана 2022-02-11 174847

Translation----This name is used by a protected document. Select a different folder or specify a different name

Hello, if you stop sync on the ARCHICAD plugin, then save the file, will the problem happen?
Sorry for the inconvenience, I have escalated this issue to dev team.

good afternoon, if I click “stop synchronization”, the archicad crashes and gives an error

Hello A, about the save problem in Archicad, our tech team are checking it and will keep you updated. About the crash issue, can you reproduce it now? It will help a lot if you can send us the archicad model and two folders that contain logs for further troubleshooting:

  1. A folder called logs, in the installation directory of D5 2.1
  2. A folder called Saved, in C:/Users/your account/AppData/local/d5_immerse
    Our support email: support@d5techs.com