D5 Converter for Blender (Beta)

Hey, man.

Thanks for your feedback. And we have fixed this issue. The reason is the character encoding method of your system we didn’t support in the older version (Ps: are you based in Greece?)

Anyway, we have fixed it.

  1. You can run Blender.
  2. Open an empty project.
  3. Run the plugin to do exporting, it will update itself automatically.

Once the updating is done, you could test a new scene with the new version, it will be fine.

If you have any other problems, please contact us with no hesitation, thanks.

Hi and thanks for the response! I’m indeed based in Greece.

I did as you instructed and the add-on updated itself. Closed and reopened Blender but the problem remains. The log file is a bit different though:

Hope this helps…


Installed latest version of Blender, reintalled the add-on and now it seems to work fine!

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awesome :+1:

Hello everyone! :blush:

I’m new to D5 and I’ve been trying to work with a scene that I have in blender. It’s not a very large scene, it’s just a room with some furniture but it has some fairly high poly model (a bed and a chair and a couple of curtains). Everything else is very controlled in terms of poly count and I don’t have 4k textures in the materials.

For some reason I can’t export my scene. I’ve tried 4 times but it just hangs there doing nothing. The addon progress bar doens’t pass 50% and I’ve let the addon try to export the scene for about 30 minutes on 3 of the times and about an hour in the first, it didn’t work in any of the times. Can someone tell me if there’s something I shold be doing differently or, is it normal to take so much time due to the high poly meshes I have?

Thank you for you time :grin:

I think there are some problems with exporter. I am not using D5 on daily basis, I still go with Twinmotion now, but when I tried D5 converter to take scene from Blender into D5, it worked only if have spread some few assets into empty scene. When I tried to export bigger exterior scene…it just hangs forever and nothing happened :frowning:

The converter works quite well but sometimes it’s missing textures and it’s very slow. It would be grat to export Blender scene with collections or separate objects at least. Now it exports entire scene as one object which is not convenient to use.

There is an error when exporting with the addon in the version of blender 2.93

Hi, could you tell me what kind of error it is? Any error message, or a screenshot please?
Thank you in advance!

Thanks for the answer, in these images I send you the error messages. I tried with several computers with the version of blender 2.93 and I get the same error message so I think the addon was out of date

I’m sorry that the first post has to be about an issue. Blender to D5 exporter gives these error messages and no file gets generated.

Sorry to say this, but Blender exporter not work well. I was only able to make it work with really simple scene (like cube, chair etc). Any scene with more objects, materials and complex scene freezes Blender, make error popup or exports nothing :frowning: maybe in the future - live link would work better, if D5 team can catchup with Blender unbeliavabley fast updates :smiley: Just use FBX export for now. That is realiable and works very well :slight_smile:

I’ve tried direct fbx export from Revit and ended up with a model full of inverted faces. Not to mention the object is imported as one giant entity which is not good. Would you mind sharing your Revit export settings?

@D5Dejan @gustavogutierrez000
Sorry for the late reply, our development team told me the new 2.93version of Blender is not supported yet. We are re-writing the plug-in and will solve this issue as soon as possible.

Really sorry for the inconvenience. Besides, models imported directly to D5 are recognized as an entity. For now, please divide them in the modeling program first then export them to D5 separately.


Hi Oliver! I understand your hack for exports but for anyone doing this daily exporting models with thousands of elements separately is simply not a viable solution.
Imagine how many users you are losing daily when they realize the first step (before they even get a taste how wonderful D5 is) becomes an exporting nightmare.

I absolutely agree that export should maintain objects as in modeling software. If You use Revit, I cannot help You (I am Blender and Archicad user). But You could load IFC or FBX to Blender, and there You should have all objects separated. Then export to FBX from Blender only the objects You need…it works nicely. But I als would not want to export every change from Revit to Blender and then to D5 …that is time consuming workflow.
The problem with Impoting fbx as the whole object needs to be solved. Now I export objects I need and import to D5. If there is a change(hide something move, objects), I export again a rewrite the FBX, update in D5. Works nice, but there should be possibilty to turn off and move separated meshes in D5, thats for sure.

Hi @Oliver.J, there is also no possible way to align objects based on theirs position in modeling app. You mentioned it, but when I import separated meshes like (terrain, house, background meshes) I have to align them by guessing where it should be on the terrain, which is not good. Import should maintain 0,0,0 coordinate system and object origin to be able set X,Y,Z position and rotation same as in modeling software. Otherwise only way to maintain realtive location of objects is to import as one whole object :frowning:

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Hey @Oliver.J , any news on rewriting the plugin for Blender? Or better the planned LIVE-link?

Exporter gives errors (see D5Dejan post) …FBX workflow works, but really bad that it cannot import textures.

Looking to find a way how to import from Blender including textures?

Hello Gravis3D, sorry, no updates yet. :pensive: