D5 Converter-C4D(beta)

Hi there, so glad to tell you that our new beta version of C4D plugin has come out!

Ver. 0.3.0 pre

Supported versions:
C4D R20, R21, R23, R25, S22, S24


  1. Support Octane materials
  2. Sync lights
  3. AutoUpdate notification
  4. Recognize hidden models
  5. Recognize hidden lights


  1. When the lights have multi layers in C4D, the levels are not fully synchronized to D5 Render
  2. Normal and bump mapping use logic
  3. Emissive materials recognition
  4. The light faces the opposite direction
  5. Wrong Normal channel of scaled models

Download link: D5_Converter v0.3.0_pre.zip - Google Drive

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