D5 Converter-C4D(beta)

Hi there, so glad to tell you that our new beta version of C4D plugin has come out!

Ver. 0.3.0 pre

Supported versions:
C4D R20, R21, R23, R25, S22, S24


  1. Support Octane materials
  2. Sync lights
  3. AutoUpdate notification
  4. Recognize hidden models
  5. Recognize hidden lights


  1. When the lights have multi layers in C4D, the levels are not fully synchronized to D5 Render
  2. Normal and bump mapping use logic
  3. Emissive materials recognition
  4. The light faces the opposite direction
  5. Wrong Normal channel of scaled models

Download D5 Converter-Cinema 4D

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I tested the Cinema 4D plugin, it doesn’t work. Cinema keeps hanging?
And then D5Render no longer works and can no longer be started, the software must be uninstalled and reinstalled!
Thank you very much!

I haven’t installed the new version because I’m working on a project and I don’t want to have problems now. I’m working with 0.3 and for now I can work. I know the limits of version 0.3.

when I finish the work I start testing with the new converter

Hello, this problem sounds very abnormal, could you please let us know your C4D version, and video driver version?
Also, C4D hangs when you launch it, or after you click Start button of the D5-C4D plugin?
Please send me two folders that contain two logs files:

  1. A folder called logs, in the installation directory of D5 2.1
  2. A folder called Saved, in C:/Users/your account/AppData/local/d5_immerse
    Please send them to support@d5techs.com


Hello, the problem only occurs when I open my Vectorworks data that I imported to Cinema and want to render with D5.
The converter works when I create objects in Cinema 4D.
I have sent the data to support.

Ok, we have received your email and are looking into this issue. The problem happens to all Vectorworks data or a specific one? Could you please send us a sample file(vectorworks data) as well to reproduce this problem?

The problem occurs with all Vectorworks files!
I have sent the file to support!

a bug that I have found in these days with 0.3 (I will test with the new one in these days) is that if you have a complex material (example: color channel with blending layers) saving and opening D5 creates a crash of the program. Check this aspect.

No matter what I import from Vectorworks into Cinema, whether simple material or with several layers, even with a cube, the converter does not work.

this problem only with the new conterter? have you tried with the old one? i work fine with 0.3.

where can i download the 0.3 ?

Hello, we are looking into this issue and will keep you updated, we can reproduce the crash issue on our side.

Gibt es schon neuigkeiten was den Converter zu C4D betrifft?

Hello, please wait for our next update, and I are working on a better workflow with vw and D5. The model exported from vectorworks then imported into C4D may have some special objects that caused the problem.
Thank u for your patience!

I created a scene using render instances, when I export to D5 I lose the instances.
when I give them fiscal objects D5 stops and restarts.

can I change something in the settings to solve the problem?
will the option of instances be implemented?

a thousand thanks

for instances just use MoGraph Clone, it works for D5

ok thanks a lot I’ll do some tests