D5 contact email

I have tried contacting you at contact@dtechs.com and support@detechs.com and neither email address works; emails are returned. I was just contacting you to let you know about my experience downloading D5 Render for the first time. Don’t need assistance, just wanted to let you know because you list contact@dtechs.com as your contact email on the website.

Hello, thank you very much for reporting this problem and trying to help us, I really appreciate your posts :heart:
Our email is support@d5techs.com, and contact@d5techs.com. (Because we are D5 Render and our company is called D5 techs)
Could you please show me on which website we list the wrong email? I will let our colleague edit them, thanks in advance!

Now I see I was leaving the “5” out of the email address. I checked them so carefully each time. Oh well. Sorry about that. Maybe I will do a summary of the points I was trying to communicate previously and send it to the correct email. Thanks!

OK, no problem! :grinning: