Copying any asset with path tool

I wonder if it is possible to copy assets other than characters, vehicles and animals. For instance, I like to create a row of light posts on a sidewalk. Right now I’m doing this manually, but it could be great if the path tool will let us select any of the model assets in the library. Unless there is a workaround to do it.


Hi cnunez
There is no path in the D5 program, perhaps in the future for the urban planning of the Plants. But you can organize yourself by doing it yourself, that is, you make a row of street lamps, then you group them, you give it a name and save it in room D5, so you will always have it available, I think you already understood how to do it.
Good work :smiling_face: :smiling_face: :smiling_face:

Hello, all assets can be copied. The path feature can also be applied to plants, but assets other than plants, characters, animals, and vehicles cannot use paths. I suggest you can give your requirements in the “Idea & Requests” in the forum. Latest Ideas & Requests topics - D5 RENDER FORUM

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