Converting Lumion to D5

I’ve recently switched over from using Lumion (v.10.5) to D5 and wanted to find out if there is a way to convert Lumion files (with Materials assigned to Sketchup textures).

When modeling in Sketchup, I assign different materials using random color assignments (0007_MistyRose) and then while either in Lumion r D5, apply specific materials textures.

There are a number of older projects that I’d like to render through D5 but don’t have the time to reapply hundred-plus materials per model.

Hi mate, D5 can read .skp files directly or launch live sync with SketchUp, but if your model file is in Lumion scene file format, then it is not supported to open it directly in D5.

hi… I know this issue… there are a lot of Lumion users moving to D5 Render due the subscription policy going ahead from 2023 version… Any of you have any idea for converting Lunion files to D5 render? any conversor or any ntermediate program between one and the other software to convert into D5?


Hi mate, unfortunately there is no conversor able to do that job… For now importing materials and placing assets are quick in D5, so maybe you can try D5 materials…