Confused by the D5 curtains

When I place the D5 curtains they are blowing and billowing outward. Some are opening and closing.

Is there no way to have stationary curtains? I thought this wouldn’t be an issue because there are so many architectural types at 3Dsky, etc but now that I’m having import problems with .fbx files, I’m looking for alternatives and 3DWarehouse curtains aren’t great nor are the offerings at RevitCity.

Hi Jeffreylewispa,
I noticed you asked a lot of help questions. If I can, I can help you to solve some questions. The first you use Revit which is part of the Autodesc family, I know autocad and I use it often, but you were thinking well to overcome the obstacle with SKP, on the 3DWarehouse site,
You can import any object, in the program with various functions such as changing texture then essence, softening the object, then exporting it in the 2019 version to have no problems in D5. Then after the operation you have to save it in your personal objects in D5, and when you use it there is also the possibility to change texture with the dropper, this can also be done on D5 objects and save the material in your D5 program.
In short, try this way, if you have not already done it, then it concerns the metal material just go to any site download the textures of different effects, open a material in D5, but that is close to that color, and import the texture you downloaded , so you already have the setting of the metal D5 and save it in your favorites.
I know and a bit elaborate but this is the path to get around the obstacle.
I hope I have helped you greet you Riccardo. :blush: :blush: :blush:

Yes, Ricardo, I do ask a lot of questions. This is my first week using D5 Render so it’s all very new.

That said, you didn’t address this particular topic – the D5 curtains. I think they are great but I don’t need them to billow and move. I just need them to hang neat and straight. Can I not do that with the D5 curtains? I just need to be clear about that.

And like I said, good drapes/curtains are hard to find and even harder to make so they look realistic.

the site is “Free 3D Models and Objects Archive. Download: 3ds , obj , gsm , max models

You can download them in 3D and PLG ie archicad if you use it
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There are so many sites like these just do a search. Then you don’t have to be discouraged, you have to insist, it is then not to use only revit, but to combine the graphics programs with each other so that it coordinates with the export and import files, the final uses the main program where the project is. Make sure that the object is not very heavy and this helps you in the design.
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I know very well that there are many rendering engines, and they all have objects, but when you don’t find them as you like, you have to manage in the project as you did before and then improve it with the plot. In short, you have to be the one to work around the obstacle, because you can’t have everything from a program like D5 which is growing, which is fantastic and fast.
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Thank you for your link and advice. Since D5 is relatively new I think it is important for its developers to understand the issues its users are facing to make it better in subsequent versions. Work arounds are fine, but certain basic assets should be standard. The D5 curtains unlike imports are optimized for D5 Render and I do not understand why all of them are animated. I have yet to determine how, if possible, to stop them from billowing and opening and closing. I did import what I thought was a nice curtain from 3Dwarehouse. Unfortunately a ray tracing issue is making the render look uncanny (fake).


I understand you and it happened to me too, I realize that the curtains, not only have to have the function that they move, but also to stay still and open when you need more light, even to change fabric, they just thought in that moment to the videos. But even the cars have the problem of movement if I’m not mistaken, but the staf is working hard to solve these small inconveniences, and they are great for what they are doing with a price that can be sold to everyone.
In short, it takes a bit of understanding, it is right that we talk about it in this forum, so among colleagues it is to give us a hand. :blush: :blush: :blush:

Thank you. I just wanted to make sure there was not a way to disable the animation.

Hello, we will work on a solution for this problem. For now, you can turn off Real-time option to let the curtains become still, but this is a global setting for the whole scene.

Thank you. Having animated curtains is nice but I think most people would just want to put static curtains in their model. I did turn the real time option off and that worked nicely. I did not know what that particular button did. Thank you again for your help.


Unfortunately turning Realtime off makes the bottom of the drapery disappear when rendered at high resolutions. However, the sheer part looks great, which is why I want to use optimized D5 sheer curtains.

This open/closing D5 drapery worked much better. The shadows look exactly like what I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to create:

But the vertical scalloping isn’t great.

Hello, this problem is resolved now, we refreshed those curtain models. and their rendering result will become normal.

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