Computer lagging on small scene

with a laptop ryzen 9, 64 gb ram and rtx 3080 16 gb, i have a lagging issue in a small interior scene. I work in best camera mode view but still, the scene is very small.

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do you work with 4k / 2k monitors?
I use two 2k monitors (RTX 3070).
if i work with D5 at 2k the high resolution scene is slow. if i set the resolution to fullhd i have no problems.

hi @danygasnier1
4k / 2k display is one of the problems
Please also provide your graphics card driver version,and please try to upgrade to 511

it is already 511, latest version my resolution is 2560x 1600 px

is use only laptop resolution 2560x 1600 px

i use refresh rates 165 hz

change your screen resolution from windows monitor settings, set it to fullhd (1900x1080)

Are you plugged in when you use your laptop?

yes i m plugged but lowering resolution seems to fix the issue