Common local library, how to do?

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In the office, many of us use our favorite D5 software. We work on the Google Drive for the storage of our data. Is there a method to create a common local library so that everyone can access it ? While using the pro version of the D5.
We are forced to duplicate the library contents for each workstation and there is no common update.
Thank you very much for your ideas or solutions !
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Hi mate, it is possible. First, you need to map the google drive to a local place on your computer, like D:, E:, etc.
Then, set D5 download assets’ location in that place, for different computers, so now their share a local library.

Note that all computers which have set that option, cannot change the location to other places. If one computer changes the setting, all other computers will get affected.
For reference, D5 Render | Adding models to local & Local asset library - YouTube

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Hi Olivier.J, we set up the common local library for everyone on your good advice. it works !! We’re going to save a lot of time between us, that’s great. Now you have to have a work organization lol.
Thanks again !

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