Cloth material color problem

Hi how do you control color of the cloth material? I only put 1 orange base color map, but it won’t display the correct colors even the base color selection won’t diplay correctly. I already tried inputing different maps but still won’t do.


I already tried resetting the material itself but still won’t solve the problem

Change the color in the material color tab, in the screenshot you put orange in the map tab

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Hello, the base color and base color map work together via multiplying calculation, like Base color*Base color map. So you could try to adjust the Base Color to pure white, then see the result.

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hi sorry for the late reply. Yah it got fixed after I reset d5. Unfortunately I got another problem. When I reopen the file, the exposure became very bright. Even though I already have some shots saved in the animation tab. Thanks, is there anyway I can recover the file from it’s last exposure?

I kind of like the shade on the fabric, but I would look at something like this