Check out your download speed of materials

Hey everyone,

We’d like to know about the download speed of new materials we published yesterday.

Please download any Stone or Ground materials and leave a message about your download time here.

I have downloaded the material of Gravel Ground and it took 6s.

O tempo de download dos materiais melhorou muito. Apenas a visualização dos materiais que ainda está um pouco lenta, porém aceitável.


I have problems with download speed, my normal speed is up to 5MB/sec ,but iin D5 server i only got like 2kb/sec or even worse, everytime this software has an update i must wait 2 hours for just a little updates because the speed is only at 2kb/sec.
and my 2nd problems is when i downloading the asset from d5 library inside, it took so long for just 1 asset, same like the first problems. I attached the proof when i try to download the demo model from D5messageImage_1591122396192

Thank You,

Hi there,

The offline assets package is now available. Please check out our website for download -