Character start walking at certain time, how?


I want a character walking along a path to start walking at a certain point in time.
Here is my specific case. I move the camera around the table. The character runs from point A to B. But as you can see in the screenshot, the character is already at point B when my camera starts moving. The character then disappears, which of course looks strange. But I want him to start at point A at this point. How can I do that?

tnanks and regards

Hi, if you go to YouTube you will find how to make objects or people move from point A to point B. Using the character with two cameras, in the first you fix point A and in the second you make the character walk at point B by fixing it with the second camera. You can do this with the tool, I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s a symbol that is on your right in the top dropdown in a Diamond shape.But as I said before, go to the YouTube site, there is also a video for the D5 that explains how to do it.Good work

thanks Riccardo,

I figured it out. You are not allowed to use the path option to run a character.

Here is the step by step solution for anyone who has a similar problem.

  1. Put your clip at the beginning.
  2. Set the character to the starting position
  3. Add keyframe
  4. Set “Rate Matching” to on.
  5. Set the clip to the end
  6. move the character to next position and add keyframe again.

ready :slight_smile: