Change email address

Dear D5 team;

can we change the email used on D5 pro license?
I want to change it from my personal email to my studio email

try to search it on forum and FAQ, cant find any topics about it


Sorry, currently we do not support changing D5 accounts’ emails. If this is urgent or necessary, please tell us the reason and I will escalate it to our related department.


Hi Oliver,

sorry for late reply

on my case, its necessary, as we’re tyding up all of license we owned into 1 email account for the sake of internal inventory on our studio. will be help so much if the license transfer is doable.

also, can 1 email account have several license?


Hi Iwan, sorry that we do not support 1 email with several licenses yet.
But considering your scenario, we decide to help you change email address.
Please check your private message and share with me your related information, thanks!