Cannot receive verification email from D5


We are having a problem with not receiving verification code emails. We tried all we can to troubleshoot the problem but no progress so far. Is it possible that its on D5’s side that could be causing the issue?

Thank you,

Hi @1clickdesign,
The verification email was likely to the spam folder, please check it and try ​again.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
If the problem persists, please let me know.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. We are still, yet to receive any emails.

We had tested all kinds of test cases, we have whitelisted all of D5’s known domains, tried 3rd-party domain inbound emails (password requests, inquiries, etc,.) and they all worked but not for D5. Can you check your OTP send out if it works with everybody else? Any attempt to receive verification emails or password reset requests, we don’t receive anything, which is quite weird since we had emailed support and they can email us just fine.

Hey Leah,

Any update on this, still, we are not receiving any verification code.

Hi @1clickdesign,

We have checked again our mail delivery records and confirmed that we did send the emails successfully. Can your other colleagues receive emails? or all your colleagues are facing the same issue? Please contact your company’s mailbox administrator or IT to check if relevant actions were set up. We will check again, too.

Same experience… please fix it its been a week.!!!

Can i change the email where i can receive the verification code??? Please fix this please as soon as possible

Sorry. Our IT can confirm that we have no issues with sending from our end here, we are unable to fix the mailbox reception issue. Can your company’s IT confirm that your mailboxes have not had any blocking or insufficient capacity?

hey…any update still we didnt receive the verification code.any solution. PLlease.!!!