Camera position in saved scene shifts slightly when resizing the windows

Camera position in saved scenes does not render the same every time. Even with the same aspect ratio and resolution, it seems the camera shifts upwards or downwards depending of the proportions of the windows itself.

While working, I usually resize the d5 windows to half the screen, and other times I maximize the windows. So, some times the viewer looks vertical, and other times in landscape. The black bars that appear after choosing an aspect ratio, never render the same. It completely messes up the post production process


How can I fix the camera position so it renders the same everytime.

Hi friend,

We will fix this problem as soon as possible, thank you for your feedback and so sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi, it seems like I’m still encountering this issue in version 2.6. When I create and set up a camera at a specific position, then save it as a scene, the rendered area always changes even with the same ratio, which is 4:3. I feel that with this ratio, the camera captures a wider area, but in the scene, it appears to be cropped.

Sorry for your issue. Could you please provide some screenshots of your problem? This may help us better solve your problem.

Same problem here…sometimes, when I’ll do it again the camera position shift a bit down…
Please fix this bug asap. Thanks!

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Hello, can you tell me the version of D5 you are currently using? If possible, I hope you can provide screenshots of your problem. Also, are you using a higher version of the software to open a scene made with an older version? Since some parameters are updated between versions, this could also cause an offset.