Build a new desktop

I want to make a really really good desktop.
An absolute beast. Any tips?
Brand of gpu or cpu?

Rtx 4090 16 gb ofcourse but what else?

Lets have a discussion

You mean RTX 4090 24GB… :slight_smile:

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Hi! I thinks this post may help you. System Requirements for D5 Render

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Does someone has data about render time between 3090 vs 4090?

IT-person i know says 4090 is not that much better?

I can confirm that the 3090 performed very well and the “upgrade” to a 4090 was not noticed with reduced render times as in past upgrades. That’s been my experience anyway. I have a 3090 Kingpin 24gb card and a 4090 ROG 24 gb card and see just about zero difference between the two in D5.

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So the extra cash that is needed for the 4090 is not really worthy

In my opinion, no it is not worth it. I don’t know about performance gains in other render software though as I’ve not had time to test anything else. From what I’ve been seeing in D5…not worth it. D5 performs great with a 3090 I’d say. If I can get some time in the next few days I’ll do a compare scene to scene.

Hello everyone

Sorry to disagree, I have two Workstations, one with RTX 3090 TI and the other with the RTX 4090 and my render times were reduced by half from 40 seconds to 20 sec in image, and the image and video combo as well, although this varies from others factors such as processor, disk and memory.

Compare official user results



Great link Thank you!

That’s good to hear! I will rerun my compares once I get finished with deadlines. My initial compares were not apples to apples but I thought were close enough and I was disappointed with the results. Hopefully my next compares will go better. Which 4090 are you running (mfgr and ram)?

I see D5 has a benchmark download file…I will download that and run some testing on my 3090 KingPin vs 4090 ROG card. I’m very curious now…

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Hi Dan

My Specs are

Intel Core i9-12900KF-Socket LGA 1700-8 Cores 16 Threads 3.4 GHz-5.5 GHz Turbo
Asus Nvidia TUF Gaming GeForce RTX™ 4090 OC Edition 24GB
Motherboard Gigabyte Z690 Aero D Ddr5 Pcie 5.0 Gen 12
Gigabyte 1000w 80 Plus Gold Modular Power Supply
4 Ram Memory Ddr5 16gb 6000mhz Kingston Fury Beast (64 GB)
Watercooler 420mm Corsair Icue H170i Elite Capellix 3x Cpu
Cooler Thermaltake Pure 12 120mm Pack 3
3 x Solid Disk SSD 500 Gb Nvme Western Digital Black Sn770 Wds500g3x0e
Kingston SKC600/1024G 1TB Black Internal Solid Drive
Western Digital WD Purple WD10PURZ 1TB internal hard drive
Fractal Design Meshify 2 Xl Dark Tempered Glass Cabinet
Windows 10 Pro 64 bit OEM


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I read on facebook message that d5 render has plans in the future for multiple gpu. Is this true?

Person said that he talked to d5 crew.

This informstion is good to know if i wanna build a desktop pc.

I hope someone of d5 render can confirm this.

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This feature is currently unconfirmed. If you have a request for it, you can post it in the idea&request channel.