Bug: negative texture rotation when importing Rhino

In Rhino I have a certain texture set to 73.3° rotation, but in D5 it imports as -73°, making the orientation incorrect. It only happens for certain objects though, it seems. Why would this happen?

Also, can the precision be improved to 0.1° instead of 1° please? thank you

Also, can the precision be improved to 0.1° instead of 1° please?

you can use 73.3°. it works, but it will be shown as 73°
if you type 73.7°, it will be shown as 74°. but in both cases the textures will have the correct 73.3or 73.7° rotation

neat! the more you know

Sorry for this. We are checking this issue. Is it convenient for you to send us your rhino model? You can share a link here or send your file to our email. (support@d5techs.com, please describe the problem and attach the link of this post to your mail)

Sure, thanks for looking into it.

  • These 3 floors have the same texture rotation angle in Rhino, but they vary once imported in D5. (I use the “Connect” button in rhino to import in D5)
  • Also their orientation of 82° is imported as -82° …

Really thank you for the file. We are now working on fixing this issue. If there is any solution or result, I will remind you.

Hello! Sorry to bother you. Could you provide a screenshot of the negative texture issue?

Hello. I checked your problem. The reason for the texture deflection is that your model face is found downwards, so the three faces will be inconsistent.

Ok, thanks for explaining the reason…

However, I still don’t understand then why it displays differently in Rhino than in D5.

Isn’t the software supposed to show both the bottom and top side of a face the way I see it in Rhino? I have no extra mappping settings set to the material, because I know D5 cannot read those.

Perhaps improve the way backfaces from Rhino are interpreted in D5?

In Rhino I set backfaces to display the same render material as the frontface… This way I don’t have to care about backfaces/frontfaces. The orientation shows no different than the front.

For example I model A curtain as a waved surface w/o thickness, not a solid. In my rhino the texture will show correctly front and back, but once going to D5 the orientation of the backface is off…

I think these basic bugs are a bit more essential to focus on, rather than the all the AI gimmicks. Thanks, guys