Blurry texture

Hello everyone.
Why is my texture (4k resolution) blurry?

Am I doing something wrong?

Hello, the texture is in what format, jpg or png? Besides, please make sure you are in high-quality preview mode, and you can turn on Triplanar or adjust the UV.
You can also render a photo then see the result, the output should be different from the preview.

Hi Oliver.

The texture is in JPG format, but the error also occurs in PNG format. This blurry texture appears both in the final render and in high preview mode. I used the triplanar option and did the UV mapping, but it made no difference.
D5 RENDER final version, updated GPU driver (GTX 1060), but the error persists.

Hello, could you send this texture or the whole scene files to
I think this problem happens to some specific files, right? To confirm, using materials from D5 assets library does not encounter problems on your computer?

Hi Oliver

I sent the zipped files by email. The D5 Render library materials are also blurry, unfortunately.