Blurry custom HDRI background

My HDRI backgrounds are blurry in the model and after I render.

  1. I’ve tried using an HDRI background ranging from 3mgb up to 97 mgb!
  2. I’ve rendered up to 8K and it’s as blurry as if I rendered at 2K.
  3. I tried darkening the background. That only helped a little.

Why can’t I get the backgrounds to be clear and sharp? It seems like that would be simple enough.

Please advise. Thank you.

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Hello, normally HDRI will be compressed into 2k when in the preview mode, but it will not be compressed in the final output.
If you are sure HDRI become blurry after rendering, could you show us a screenshot? Or it will be better if you can send us a sample HDRI of yours for testing, we will check why the problem happened. You can send it to

Yup HDRI in D5 is quite frustrating. They said that D5 is compressing hires HDRI into 8k when rendering in D5. What I suggest is divide your hdri image into several images and project it into a ring to get the best result.

Hello all,

The HDRI backgrounds in my final image are also blurred.


Hello, what resolution of output do you render? could you please send me a sample HDRI file for testing?
My email is
Sorry, we tested several hdri files but did not repro this kind of problem.

Mail is out.


I just sent by wetransfer the files I was using. Two were .jpg and the other two were hdri files ranging from about 27 mgb to 97 mgb.

I think this issue is affecting more people than the D5 team realizes. Thank you for any help that you can provide.

Hi Oliver,
I was having the same problem. I did some checking with different approaches to the “final” render.
This problem happens the same for me if I send “all” my movie renders to the “queue”.
Most of the time the first render from the queue renders the backdrop perfectly. Every other render in the queue then “goes back” to screen resolution.
I can render each individually, without queuing, and all the backdrops are perfect.
To me, it may be a problem in the render queue process.
It is a problem that needs to be fixed, though. Many other software packages have this problem in render queuing. Because it is a separate app. I am pretty sure D5 does the same thing but the render parameters in the “queue” are not the same as rendering directly.
So…the workaround is to stay up all night and set the next render going. Been doing it for years and it still baffles me how it becomes.
But! Great backdrop cylindrical drone footage has changed our whole workflow towards D5.
Just don’t forget to tell the “queue render” developers about the updates. It’s a little app but means soooo. much!

I’m going to follow up on this a bit.
I am not a software expert. But I see this problem regularly within other software, with “render queue”.
If I was to hazard a guess, the fact that D5 does a full file save automatically before any render queue but does not do the same before any “within app” render, indicates that, the “render queue” may be collecting files/resources and in turn is only collecting the screen resolution backdrop, not the actual resource backdrop.
Does D5 have a full “collect” function for all resource files? If so, “queuing” renders should be accessing this. Not the open file in D5.
The true test would be to run the render queue, as a stand-alone app without D5 app open, I reckon that may force a resource collection. I have no idea if that is possible though.

Just thoughts, I hope it can be sorted out. Believe me when I say many other software apps have tried and continue to fail at queue rendering. Beats me why!

So I tried the custom HDRI again and it’s still blurry. It’s blurry because D5 Render zooms into the background very far and enlarges it so much that of course the result is blurry.

Here is the original HDRI and the red box is the area that appears in the rendering.

And then when rendered this is what I get:

And if you think the second image looks clear, click on it to enlarge.

Using Nuno Silva’s advice to put the HDRI on an arch shape, I got this:

I am able to control how far into the image the rendering goes and other aspects. I use “Follow HDRI” for the sun angle but this doesn’t solve the HDRI problem.


Nice find!

Hopefully this will be fix soon, because right know HDRI’s are almost unusable for outdoors renders, the quality outpout is too low compare to the render itself.

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