Bloom effect artifact on metal

i have applied bloom effect for light to have nice glow. but same time chair metal legs gets weird artifact. even tried lowest amount on bloom. attached both image with bloom without bloom.

bloom effect

no bloom

material applied to chair leg is mirror brass, now i replaced black iron and that artifact gone.
that mirror brass material have some issue.

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Hi @visualplus,

I didn’t repeat this issue with ‘mirror bass’ material. if it’s convenient, can you send the scene file (The entire folder where the .drs file is located) to me? I can check this material in your scene environment from my end.

Hello! Sorry for your problem. Please send your scene file to us., please describe the problem and attach the link of this post to your mail.

here is link - WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

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hi, have u tried to find issue on bloom artifact.

Hi, we are now trying to improve this problem, please wait for some time. Really thank you for reporting this problem.


hi, i am a Lumion user. now switching to D5, so i’ll always keep update you to improve this amazing application.

Really thank for your support and concern, we will try our best to solving your problem. If you have any other problems or needs, please also feel free to contact me.

Sorry for our late reply.
As the surface of an object becomes smoother, it will reflect more light and have a weaker bloom effect due to less light being left on the surface. The strength of the reflection is affected by the specular value. Currently, the chair legs have a strong bloom effect, resulting in shiny spots. Please adjust Specular and Roughness parameters (minimise) to reduce this effect.

By using this chair as an example, the rougher the texture of the chair, the more noticeable the bloom effect becomes.


you are right , taking down both spec and rough minimalize bloom on surface.
thanks for valuable tip for future projects. :+1:

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