Blender export to D5

What is the best way to export files from Blender to D5 without loosing textures? .DAE format or .FBX?
When can we expect Blender converter?

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fbx loses texture. In the next updates will be supported.
Export COLLADA file Blender to SketchUP 2019. Save in SKp file.
Open Skp file in D5.
Supported geometry and texture

The D5 Converter for Blender has been in internal testing.

It will release soon, and please stay tuned.


Any update on this release? A large number of our team members use Blender and it has been quite the task of having to reassign materials.

Hey there have you tried this:

It lets you export from blender as the .d5a format. It’s working well for me. Some materials look a little funky on import but textures are all connected Which is a huge time saver.

Fix some bugs.

The main purpose of this release is letting you use D5 Render with blender without reassigning materials. Welcome to test it all, and please contact us easily if you find any problems.


Glad to hear that it can optimize your workflow.

Yes, some parameters may be not consistent between Blender and D5 Render, just amend these easily inside D5 Render.

Thanks for your feedback.