Better and more characters classes

I noticed some problems with many characters people. Exemple, for those who are sitting, they dont sit correctly, i mean their feets are inside the ground if i put the ass on the chair. And i am using normal chairs 50cm high.
Another thing i wanted to tell you is we need more specific class, like “medical, workers buildings, etc…”.
Another thing is about some missing important 3D object for the kitchen. At least, put few basics 3D, we dont need 50 models :slight_smile:
To finish, i wanted to tell you that your D5 program is awesome. I was a Lum…on user for many years and i directly switched to your Pro version after a week trying it. Your natural render with artificial lights are so good like the Vray effect.


Hello Garryback,

Thank you very much for your suggestions, and I moved this topic to D5 Works category so our assets team will view these requests soon.
Have a nice day!


Hi Oliver, I agree with the request of having Medical Characters (nurses, doctors, patients, etc.). I payed for my D5 Render PRO version to find out that the character assets library is very limited. I do Healthcare Designs and love your video render quality. But I had to switch to Twinmotion just for the variety of Hospital characters. Thanks!