[Assets] Import FBX models

What is the correct process to import my own models as Assets? so far everything I’m trying to import they have no materials:


This is the FBX model and textures:

Thanks in advance.

Hey ivan,

Thanks for your feedback. For now, importing model with the format of FBX can’t bring the materials with FBX into D5 Render. You have to set the material’s parameters mannully…

However, the feature of importing FBX with materials is on our roadmap, please stay tuned.


Thanks for reply!

Hi. I wonder if did you fix the problem with importing fbx with not materials. thank you

Hi, to import .fbx models with materials is another development plan, we have not supported it yet. For now, I kindly suggest you add materials in D5 manually.


Thank you for your answer, I am having trouble with the materials since I am using archicad. I’ll keep it that way for now thanks. I was going to ask one more thing, how should I do the synchronization after synchronizing once, saving the model, closing and reopening it, and revising the model?

Hi Selda, if you have saved the .drs file in D5, then you could open it and Archicad, click the sync button directly. Otherwise, you may need to use the plugin to launch D5 and open a new file.
D5 Converter-ARCHICAD (Sync)