Archicad D5 render 1.8

converter error, everything was fine yesterday

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Known Issues & Solutions

  1. In the event of an upgrade or synchronization failure, stop the anti-virus software and reinstall D5 Render and Converter (replace the installation, no need to uninstall it)

Hello Jessie, would it be possible one day that D5 could translate the archicad model so that we can intervene on the textures not in a global way but in a detailed way? In other words, it is possible to isolate certain elements having the same texture. Thank you

the new version og the Archicad plugin doesn’t let me save the archicad file I am working in. It ask me to save it with a different name as the Archicad file is being used by another application (D5R). This is very annoying and can me impossible to work.

Hello, could you please let me know what version of Archicad do you use? Also, when you tried to save files in Archicad, what was D5 Render doing? It was just in normal preview, or is rendering a photo?
We did a test but did not repro the issue you met. If you open a new project in Archicad then sync to D5 and save the file, will it work?