Any tips for Cloths and Curtains?

Hi guys, D5 is really doing an amazing renders for me, however, I’m really struggling with cloth, especially curtains/gauze curtains. Here’s my render and here’s what I’m trying to achieve.
my render:

trying to achieve:

Have you played around with the Transparency channel?
Also in the assets the fabrics section.

That is actually a D5 asset.
I managed to make it look like this. It is a huge improvement but still looking plastic to me. Is there a way to show some fabric texture in it like the image that I’m trying to achieve?

Already very nice, you could try swtiching it to foliage template, or decrease its opacity

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You need to play around with the sliders

Thank you D5 team for updating the gauze curtains on the assets library. Looking much better now <3