Animation .abc import problem

I have noticed that some .abc animations do not work when imported. What can be the reason? Does anyone know a solution?

Hi mate, the model was exported from 3ds Max or Blender?

Hi, it was exported from Blender. I mostly use finished animations from SketchFab.

for example this kind of animation does not work when importing into D5.

Hi mate, please remember when exporting .abc files for D5, set the scale to be 100. And make sure this option Triangulate is checked:

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Oh wow many thanks Oliver, it helps me a lot and have so many more options :purple_heart:

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You are welcome bro, looking forward to your new ASMR video :grin:

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There will be many different topics to come :). The problem with blurry textures in the animated objects unfortunately still exists, even in 2.4 :frowning: (but only if the file is already larger.)

Hi mate, we will fix it in the final 2.4 official release, you can give it a try this week after we release it.
If the problem persists, feel free to let me know.

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