Animated people recourses needed


I’m currently working on an animation project in middle east, does anyone have an idea where can I get animated people for the scene? especially middle eastern people

did anyone try anima using 3dsmax live sync? or maybe found a way to export from anima to d5 ?

thank you

Hi, I’ll give you a site, I’m sure you’ll know it, but I don’t know if you’ll find what you’re looking for.

yeah I’ve checked it before, unfortunately, it doesn’t have a good quality middle eastern animated people

But on D5 there are 3D Arab characters that move, the new version has expanded these characters, due to the request of many users. But if you are not a PRO user this does not help you in your work. You can only do it this way, find the characters on the web, create the movement and then import them into ABC in D5.

In fact I went to look at the D5 program, there are 35 characters that move

If you are a PRO, you can alternate with Arab, Caucasian or Oriental characters, then I don’t know your project so I don’t know if what I say can help you.
Good luck!

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Hello! Thanks for your advice. We have some middle eastern characters in our library. If you have some other needs or suggestions, you can state specifically what kind of Middle Eastern character models you want, and I’ll convey your suggestions to our art staff.

The camera animation can now be synced to D5 using 3d max’s live sync plugin.