Almost each file i create get unworkable


After some time working I get that in almost all files I work.

My specs are:

NVIDIA rtx 2060 vram 6g
I7 10700k
24g ram

Sorry to hear that you ran into this problem. It sounds abnormal, because 24gb RAM should handle normal small interior scenes with no problem, but to handle large scenes, it may be not enough.

Please close other software which may consume a lot of RAM, and you can check it using Windows task manager.

Second, have you ever adjusted settings of virtual memory on your computer? maybe you should check it, increase it or restore it back to default.


@Oliver.J, thank you for reply me, normal interior scenes are handle very good, just when I add a lot of objects, I get a crash, but I find that some amount of objects is causing the issue. thank you for the advice, I will try it.

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Yeah, you can also upgrade to 32gb, have a good day!