Alembic format and multisubobject material

Is there a way to import an ABC file containing an object with a multisubobject material applied?

I imported one ABC file (a 3d people mesh animation) and the animated mesh didn’t have any texture on import to D5render. Tried to apply it manually but the single 3d people mesh have different materials applied to different body parts and I can’t just apply a single texture and get the correct look .
Is there a solution or a workaround for this? Thanks.


Sorry for the inconvenience, but I am afraid that we are not able to investigate the problem without the .abc file. Are those texture divided for different meshes? Please send the .abc file to, and I will escalate it to the product team.

Best regards.

Thanks Oliver.J
You can get and analyze the free file here:
Would be great if D5render could support this kind of files with multi materials applied so D5 users could purchase and use high quality photorealistic animated 3dpeople.


Hi 3dfan,

Thank you for sharing. We are planning to improve the feature of importing .abc model and will support that kind of animation in future. And another thing is that we have no way to download the file from that site…We switched 3 PCs and 2 networks, but all failed to download when it is close to 100 percent.


Hi Oliver, check your messages. :wink:

Thank you! I got it, and I will inform you when any updates come out.
Have a nice day!


You too Oliver! :+1: