Alembic Animation

Hi all,

From the forums, I managed to import a merry-go-round into D5. essentially, converting the triangles to meshes. However, I cant get anything to be animated:

  • Do the animations display on the viewport? Or, only when rendering an animation?
  • One object I animated via a rotating dummy, and all the meshes
    linked under it.
  • The other one, I animated with keyframes.

They both work when exported as fbx into other programs, but none comes in into D5, animated.

Please help.

Hi, thanks for the feedback!
Is it a specific model (the merry-go-round mentioned above) or any of the rectangles that also fails to import .abc in this way?Is it possible to import .fbx in D5 successfully?

Currently,D5 import .abc function is still in public beta, please try with the content of the corresponding post first. Turorial | how to export .abc file - Get Help / How to - D5 RENDER FORUM

If it is still abnormal, you may need to provide the abnormal model and export parameters, we will test it.
Thank you for your understanding and support.

Thanks, I couldn’t make it work. Yes they import. But no animation. It shows the animation controls, but they don’t move. I sent you the models in max, hopefully you could let me know what I am doing wrong.

Ok, I managed to import it properly. I was neglecting converting a very small component, to mesh. Thanks for your help.

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