55 hours a day| Hour and Minute reversed

Looks like a new bug that suddenly appeared

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Hello, this may be a bug, sorry for the inconvenience caused by this problem, could you let me know whether this problem can be reproduced on your computer? I typed 55 there but cannot work.
I think this is related to time zone settings, could you please let me know your region or time zone?

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Hi Oliver the bug still remains even after installing Update 2.2. Attached link: - YouTube
time zone: (UTC + 2: 00) Jerusalem

Hi Oliver.
Is there anything new in this matter?

Hello sgi, sorry for the late reply. We tried to reproduce this issue and set our time zone to UTC + 2:00 as well, but it did not appear the problem you met. Besides, the video link of youtube cannot be watched because it is private. Could you please make it public, to let us know how to repro this issue?

Hi Oliver.
Sorry about the video
Can you please try now?

Hello sgi, yes, I saw the video and found the positions of Hour and Minute are reversed. To confirm, I think D5’s time format is same as the Windows system:


but in your video it looks different, could you please let me know whether you adjusted the related settings on your computer?

Hi Oliver
Good thing you noticed the hours and minutes reversed I did not notice
Indeed it has to do with the regional format of windows.
Thanks The issue was resolved

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ok, glad to hear it, have a nice day!