5 bugs / 5 needs

Hello! I have some comments after two weeks of using the D5 render. In general, I had a great experience with it. Maximum user-friendly interface after dozens of buttons, settings in 3dsmax, unreal. Just awesome and fast!


  1. Exporting to a D5-format file doesn’t save lights from the original scene. In my case, it is impossible to run both programs (3dsmax and D5) due to the limitations of video memory. D5 consumes a LOT of resources, much more than Unreal. So I need to set up my scenes in D5 without the sync option with 3dsmax. Maybe you have a plan to implement something similar to “auto bitmap compression”? For example as in FStorm, where it saves VRAM 1,5-3x times. It would be a lifesaver option!
  2. 3dsmax converter doesn’t support CoronaBitmap, color correct, gradient map, etc. The slot with maps in D5 is clear when opening exported file there.
  3. When choosing an image size smaller than Full-HD it crops the viewport but not the render’s image size.
  4. D5 opens custom HDRI files too bright. So I need to lower its multiplier to 0.01. And sometimes this value is not enough to make it darker.
  5. Each and every time I start 3dsmax and need to close the D5-toolbar manually. And every time I’m asking it “where is your fkn button to turn off auto opening?))”


  1. Option “make monochrome” which is similar to the option “invert” inside the image’s editing scroll.
  2. Copy the image and paste it as an instance to another slot of material. So we could change edit preferences of it simultaneously.
  3. A hotkey for pan zoom as “pressed scroll button” instead of the combo Shift+RCM.
  4. An option or checkbox inside render settings to see how much time takes a render per image/video, or even a stamp on the image with details.
  5. Checkbox for the visible shape of light on a render. For example, I placed a red-color light source and in the viewport we can see a rectangular form of it, but on render we see only rays from a light source. So, need to see that the shape of this light is filled with a red color also.

For now, this is all that I remembered and wrote out. Maybe there are some more points, but I am sure that you are already full of other things to improve the software!

My tech specs:
rtx3070 8gb
i7-5820k 3,3ghz
ram 48gb
max 21, corona 8

I hope the mix of my skills in english and google translate is good enough to get an idea))

Thank you in advance =)

Hi subfeel!

  1. For the current, lights cannot be saved in .d5a files exported by D5 Converter, but we are working on it.
  2. We support these maps you mentioned in the latest version of D5 Converter-3dsmax. If the version you get is the right one, but still cannot use the maps or if some slots are empty, could you please send us the model you used?
  3. Full-HD is the lowest resolution we support, so if you choose an image size smaller than Full-HD it will only crop the viewport.
  4. It is a known problem, we are going to repair it.
  5. Sorry for the inconvenience. The hide of the toolbar needs to be set uniformly in 3dsmax, you can find it in the plugin management.


  1. Sorry that the monochrome cannot be achieved in D5 Render.
  2. This can be done now. Please check the photos below.

    You can try it again.
  3. We will take it into consideration, thanks for the advice. Btw, in what case will you need this hotkey please?
  4. This feature is in D5 2.3, please stay tuned.
  5. Yes, for now, this cannot be done, but we will think about it.

oh! thnx for quick reply and all answers)
and now I have to clarify some moments:

yeap, you are right… all I did was in the previous converter)) I’ll check out the new one, and hopefully, all is gonna be ok from now. in other case I’ll text later

ok, thnx) maybe I missed smth and should do more googling, cuz didn’t find a solution yet

oh, sad((
suggestion: even if it will be not as a checkbox but as a field?

yeah, I know about that, it is useful enough for now.
but sometimes I need to manipulate (for example contrast and rotation) simultaneously for two or more materials (not one-by-one) with similar maps in slots.
so the point is parameters inside of the slot could be copied to another material slot with linking between them. since then I can change one details and all other copied with instance will do the same automatically.

well, I guess this gif will explain better:
here is a viewport from 3dsmax where I press the scroll button and move the mouse around, so the viewport is moving only in 2 projections.
move view (1)

One more example from the sketchfab website:
ScreenRecorderProject1 (1)
The same way to move the view area - with pressed scroll button only.
And for the same in D5 I should press 2 buttons instead of one. I hope you got an idea now))

After all, I forgot to mention a very needed feature yesterday in my original post.
I’ve noted D5 converter doesn’t support the famous and so usual tool called FloorGenerator.
At the moment idk how other d5-users do the floor material like herringbone parquet with lots of texture per each wood plank.
Maybe this issue has a solution already or have you heard something about it?

To hide the toolbar in 3dsmax, please follow the steps below:
click “customize”, then enter the “Customized User Interface”, find D5 Converter under “Toolbars”, then select “Hide” and finally save the setting.

There is no saturation setting for a single model, you can try adjusting the parameters of the Base Color Map.

To apply the map settings you have already done in one model to other models quickly, you can click shortcut key O and click the model you want to use the same maps.

Abut your advice about moving with pressed scroll button only, I will note this request down.


I really appreciated for solving the toolbar issue!
Saturation - solved also, thnx! Overall thanks for the reply in other points) And have an excellent day!

You are welcome! Have a nice day! If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us~


Unfortunately, the issue with a toolbar works only with hiding it while you are in session.
but with the next starting of 3dsmax d5 toolbar returns back in the toolbar.
So I did the same - hide it, and saved UI as the default UI settings. Doesn’t help, again I see this D5 toolbar after each starting of 3dsmax.
Suggestion: add the checkbox in the settings window for disabling autorun of the toolbar, please.

I did press Lock UI and it doesn’t help. D5 toolbar returned after restarting max