2D person partially black

**D5 Render Version:2.8xx
**Graphics Card: RTX 3090
**Driver Version: NEW

It is not uncommon that a 2D person is not displayed correctly.

Sometimes these people then have black areas.
A correct display is only possible by deleting the person and inserting a new one.


Sorry for any inconvenience caused. I found this 2D character but it doesn’t seem to have the problem you’re mentioning. May I ask what operation is usually followed by this problem?

Hello Vera_Hsu,
unfortunately I have not yet found out when this effect occurs.
It occurs sporadically but not infrequently.
With different 2D people.

Unfortunately, I can’t give any more precise details.


… again:


…I quit D5, restarted, reloaded the same project with the cyclist.
Again, areas on the cyclist were black,
but different ones.

Deleted cyclist, reinserted, black areas gone.


Are these issues all happening in the same scene file?

Can you send the scene files to me to test in my environment? You can DM me or send to support@d5techs.com, please annotate you are from Forum in the email, so I can quickly find you.

Any update will be appreciated. :saluting_face:

Hello Vera_Hsu,

the problems occur in one scene.
I will send you a link by e-mail
to download the scene.

However, these problems also occur in other

It is desirable that the D5 team solve the problem.
can localise and solve the problem.