267 New Assets Now Available in D5 Render 2.6: New Characters, Procedurally-generated Vines, Plane Fog Models, Futuristic Assets and More

We’ve added 267 new items into D5 Asset Library! You can quickly find and direct to them by searching for ‘2.6 new’ in the library.

1| Character Models

  • 169 new character models from different regions around the world, including 92 animated figures

  • D5 Render Team has collaborated with a professional motion capture studio to introduce a new collection of animated characters. These are tailored for visualization projects, offering enhanced realism to your animations.

2| Vegetation Models

Procedurally-generated Vine Models

  • 6 new procedurally-generated vine models in Nature > Vine

  • Select and download the vine model you need. Place it vertically against a wall and keep adjusting until the leaf-shaped blue decal appears on the surface. Now, you can hit the ‘Generate’ button on the right side to get natural vines growing along the wall surface.

vine models

Lowpoly Trees for Aerial-view Landscape Projects

Search for #AerialLandscapeTrees in the library to quickly find and use them.

  • 18 new tree models in Nature > Low Poly Tree

  • Low-poly plant models can smartly adjust their level of detail (LOD) based on the camera’s distance — achieving as low as 6,000 polygons for smoother operation and lower resource consumption. These models are perfect for extensive aerial-view landscape projects, ensuring a smooth and refined visual experience.

  • This curated selection of low-poly trees, chosen from top D5 artist works, includes various species covering broadleaf and conifer, all with full and rounded shapes to quickly enrich your environment.

Xerophyte Plant Models

  • 8 new cactus models in Nature > Xerophyte

Optimized Plant Models

  • 18 optimized plant models with better shapes and animated motions

3| Plane Fog Models

  • 7 new plane fog models in Particle > Fog

  • Compared to the existing particle fog, plane fog models consume less resources for a smoother operation.

4| HDRI Library

A new HDRI library was added to D5 Library. You can easily search for and direct to the HDRI sky you need.

5| Collection of Futuristic Assets

Abyss Mirrors

  • 2 new Abyss mirrors in Particle>Futuristic Decor

  • Adjustable parameters include pattern map, size, emissive color, brightness and more

Animated Futuristic Particle Decorations

  • 24 new futuristic particle decorations in Particle > Futuristic Decor

Animated Drone Models

  • 2 new drone models in Electrical > Digital

  • Drones include two types of motions: hovering and orbiting. You can utilize keyframe animation to customize the flight path.

Optimized D5 Asset Library

Optimized Search Feature

Pursuing to offer designers better and better search experience, we updated the library search bar with the addition of fuzzy search supporting intelligent keyword suggestions. You can press ‘Tab’ to switch between different libraries.

Optimized Library Asset Classification, Order and Filter

The UI for the primary and secondary menu expansion has been optimized for a more distinct visual separation between categories. When a new category is expanded, the previous one will automatically collapse in this version.

You can now sort the assets by name, latest and free first. Favorite is also added to the asset filter.

Optimized Library Thumbnail Loading

D5 Team optimized the response speed of search results, and introduced cache for faster loading of asset thumbnails.

That wraps up our overview of the updated assets in D5 2.6. Don’t forget to start D5 and give them a try!