200+ New ANIMATED Plant Models in D5 Asset Library: Flowering Herbs, Shrubs, Grasses, Trees and More!

D5 Asset Library has just released an extensive array of 200+ fresh ANIMATED plant models sourced from North America. This significant addition, as well as the existing plants, provides an effortless and thrilling way to select the ideal vegetation for your landscape projects from around the world.

Click the tag #Global Plants Vol.2 in the library’s search bar, and you’ll instantly have access to this amazing assortment of plant models. Or, you can find them on the homepage of the model library.

New Flowering Herbs, Shrubs

  • 112 new models in Nature > Flowering Herbs/Shrubs

The newly introduced flowering herb models are animated and can sway with the breeze, making them perfect for adding ambiance to both public landscapes like parks and streetscapes, as well as private areas like gardens.

D5 Asset Library continues to uphold its commitment to high-quality models, and these new plant models are no exception, withstanding the close inspection of zoomed-in camera shots.

New Grasses

  • 45 new models in Nature > Ornamental Grass

The model library has been updated with a variety of ornamental grass models, ideal for decorating lawns and adding depth to the scene.

New Broadleaf Trees, Flowering Trees

  • 43 new models in Nature > Broadleaf

  • 4 new models in Nature > Flowering Trees

Trees play an essential role in landscape design. To enhance designers’ ability to quickly and effectively visualize the authentic impact of plants within their projects, we have introduced 47 new trees, all of which are animated models.

Upon selecting the leaf material, designers can further modify the leaf color to represent the seasonal shifts throughout the year. These tree models excel whether utilized as complementary background features or as focal points in the design.

That wraps up this new collection of global plants. Don’t forget to start D5 Render and search ‘Global Plants Vol.2’ to give them a try!


Love this update! Keep it up guys.

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Very nice new collection. Sequoia trees and even dandelions.

Are those scenes available somewhere?

Are these scenes rendered in 2.7 Beta? The GI looks amazing. Would love to get the project files to explore more.