2.1 Beta Testing

Hi everyone! We are excited to announce that the closed beta testing of D5 2.1 has come to an end and a new round of testing is about to begin.

You are welcome to join in the test if you are:
a D5 user with Pro account who has basic knowledge of the operation and workflow of D5
able to engage in the test for about 2 weeks
in 3D/designing profession to explore different features of D5.

The beta version just released is working stably, and we look forward to your feedback on how D5 Render performs in your projects.

New features and improvements in D5 2.1

  • Mods

    Advanced Photo Rendering

    Advanced Video Rendering

    Color Grading

    Stage Light

    Virtual Reality

  • Features


    Parametric models

    Language Setting

    Support importing skp2021 models directly

    Support adding groups containing lights to the local library

    Display of system information

    Optimize the naming of renders

    Optimize the selection tool and split the axes

  • Rendering

    Support orthogonal view rendering

    Support sun intensity adjustments of Geo&Sky

  • Productivity & Stability

    Optimized archive saving stability

    Optimized material loading process

    Optimized NAS Read/Write function

    Enhanced capacity for large scenes

  • Assets

    “dynamic models only” feature

    Support adding particles to Favorites

    Support Favorite& Recent assets tools

    Optimized “Aligned to Terrain” feature; support drawing on any face.

    Optimized Assets Library’s interaction

    Support expanding and collapsing categories

    Optimized click zone when selecting materials

    Optimized page position

  • Fixes

    Fix the inability to select scaled or flipped models.

    Fix the automatic orientation change of scattered vegetation after reopening the scene file.

    Fix the loss of maps in some asset models.

How to join:

  • This test is open only to Pro users.
  • Join D5 Pro server in Discord and keep an eye on 2.1 Beta channel
    *If you are not in the server, check the mail we sent you when you suscribed D5 Pro and see the link attached there.

The list of bugs collected during the test and the bug-fixing progress will be open to the public.

According to the level of participation and contribution, some participants will be presented with a Beta Test badge. With a certain amount of badges on the Forum, you will win D5 souvenirs.

Your testing and suggestions are of great value to help us better D5 Render, so please feel free to leave your comments. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for staying with D5. We are always appreciative of your support.


Can you briefly define parametric models? Thanks.

some cars can change color, and you can decide whether the lights is on, and whether there is a driver inside.
Some static characters can change cloth color.
scalable particles.
controllable animated curtains.

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I was hoping it had to do with displacement.

Any idea when a displacement improvement is coming? When I displace ground for example it looks funny. Like there is a gap. It has been reported before.

Keep up the great work. Every client of mine loves D!!

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Hello, please check your private message about the UV issue, thank you very much!

Hi Oliver

Would like to get on the discord server, though never received an email for the link.

hey @gelbuilding I’ll send you a link

Good afternoon, how do I get a download link, I am the owner of the pro version

I’ll send you a link, please check your DM.

Creo que lo más importante es solucionar dos aspectos básicos del render:

  1. El efecto blanco que se crea en un árbol cuando esta delante de un cristal (adjunto foto).

  2. El reflejo incorrecto de los materiales en zonas oscuras (adjunto foto, ver la maceta de la planta).


I think the most important thing is to solve two basic aspects of the render:

  1. The white effect that is created in a tree when it is in front of a glass (attached photo).
  2. The wrong reflection of the materials in dark areas (attached photo, see the pot of the plant).



Hello, How do I get a download link, I’m in homeoffice and have time

Oliver.J cómo estás?, Soy usuario PRO y me gustaría ingresar al grupo Discord para D5 Pro, me podrían enviar la invitación?. Muchas gracias!

Hola Vicki, soy usuario PRO, me podrías enviar el enlace también?, muchas gracias!

Hola, sĂ­, te envĂ­o un mensaje privado para enviar el enlace.

Gostaria de participar do Beta test 2.1, sou usuário PRO!


Would like to get on the discord server, though never received an email for the link.

Can you send me the discord link as well, I do not see anything in my emails from D5 that have this link. Thanks

@Oliver.J check this post! It happens to me also

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ola :grinning:
please check your DM

ok, sent you a link in DM:)