190+ New Assets in D5 Asset Library: Construction Site Models, Semi-transparent Materials, and Scatter Presets

Coming with the exciting new version D5 2.8, D5 Asset Library has been amplified with 190+ new assets including construction site models and semi-transparent materials. Click the tag #Construction in the library’s search bar, or search for the word ‘Construction’, and you’ll quickly jump to this amazing collection of models. 17 new Scatter presets of various patterns of lawn has been added to the library as well.
This significant addition will work wonders for architectural and landscape animation creation. Let’s dive into the new assets now!

Construction Site Models

  • Character > Professionals
    Added about 110 construction workers to the ‘Character’ > ‘Professionals’ category, including managers, laborers, and surveyors, featuring safety helmets and vests.

  • Outdoor > Outdoor Equipment
    Added 59 construction equipment to the ‘Outdoor’ > ‘Outdoor Equipment’ category, including individual/grouped material piles, railings, concrete tubes, fog cannons, workshop sheds, and containers.
  • Vehicle > Special Vehicle
    Added 7 animated vehicles to the ‘Vehicle’ > ‘Special Vehicle’ category, including loaders, excavators, bulldozers, etc., supporting path placement, light toggling, and a goods loading controller.
  • Outdoor > Outdoor Equipment
    Added 2 animated machinery to the ‘Outdoor’ > ‘Outdoor Equipment’ category, including a scissor lift platform and a tower crane with adjustable height, length, and custom sign board.

When used together with the new toggle in 2.8 that can control the model’s visibility in keyframes, you can create stunning animations with ease.

Semi-transparent Materials

  • Materials > Glass
    Added 4 Semi-transparent materials to the ‘Glass’ category, including a polycarbonate sheet, a frosted acrylic, a semi-transparent gradient glass and a basic semi-transparent material suitable for the facades of surrounding buildings in an aerial view.

Scatter Presets

  • Added 17 Scatter presets to the Scatter library.

Start D5 Render now and explore these amazing new assets!