150+ New Lowpoly Models in D5 Asset Library: Vehicles, Plants, Characters

D5 Asset Library has just released an extensive array of 152 fresh lowpoly models featuring plants, vehicles, and characters. These models support custom colors, and adjustable metallic and roughness parameters. You can even switch on ‘Silouhette’ to make it even more stylized.

Navigate to D5 Asset Library > Stylized > Lowpoly Vehicles/Characters/Vegetation and you can directly find these new models and give them a try!

66 New Lowpoly Vehicles

This vibrant vehicle collection, featuring everything from trucks, cars to ships and sailboats, is perfect for enlivening miniature urban and community scenes.

37 New Lowpoly Plants

New varieties of lowpoly plants cover a wide range from round-canopy trees to thin-trunk tropical palms.

49 New Lowpoly Characters

New lowpoly characters of diverse gestures will add more visual appeal to your scene.

That wraps up this new collection of lowpoly models. Don’t forget to start D5 Render and try them!

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please can you make a tutorial for this one, please

What is the best workflow to achieve this look without laboring more time to create a more realistic look? is this possible to do a simple swap or so we need to produce two render models?