Worst problem transferring file from revit to d5 render

I really love d5 render, of course I do all my modeling in revit, but the biggest and most important problem I have is that all the models I make with model in place in revit, if they have a circular base, after transferring as They become polygons …

Please help me to solve this terrible problem …

Hello, it is a normal behavior for renderers. If you want to sync a circular base without triangulating, please go to settings of D5 converter-Revit, then drag this to the max:

After syncing it you can change the setting back to default, because the default level is recommended.

Besides, it will be good if you can share a screenshot of the problem (the circular model and how it looks in D5), or a sample file with us. We are curious how we can optimize this.


thank you so much…

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Just like Oliver said, you have to set your export smoothness to high/max

thank you so much…

No problem :blush: Thank you for supporting D5 Render and welcome to introduce us to your friends :grinning: