When the sound carry you

Theme: Minimalist Living Room
Artist: M.Khosravi
Graphics Card: GeForce RTX 2060
Workflow: Revit 2022 | D5 2.1 | Capture One 21
Brief description of post-processing: Capture One 21 color correction


cool design!

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Thank you…

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one of the best curtains, could you share the parameters


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Thank You…
Sorry, I did not understand what you mean, what parameters?

Hi, I think he meant the material parameters of the curtain.

Thank you, dear Oliver, now I understand … I just brought the curtain that I made in Revit to the D5 environment and gave it the White Gauze Curtain
material … without any change in the parameters …

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Thank u~ :blush:

that looks good, though :rofl: