What's new in D5 Render 2.0

alright, glad to hear it. we wanted the logs to avoid this problem in future, also in case other users met the same issue :blush:

Where do I find 3d grass?

it is a new material template. Grass - User Manual (d5render.com)
By the way, happy birthday hh

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You didn’t mention the Edu- version on the site, is there’s new addition for it or any modifications?
edit *
it turned into a community version !!! @Oliver.J
so you’ve removed my EDU-license ?

Hi Huss, do not worry, currently there is no edu license any more. Edu licenses are integrated into community version, and you still can use features of previous Edu license.

Sorry…still do not understand. I used grassland 02 and then turned on mat temp grass

This is Gary from the Softplan forum.

I was not able to get the imported site planes to generate the 3d Grass from Softplan no matter what I did.

Here is the solution:

Go to Sketchup and make a shape (rectangle) extrude it a few inches. Paint a grass texture on it. Save it as V19. Import into D5 and it will work. The planes imported from Softplan do not seem to work.

This is not ideal but it works.

I made a shape about 140’ x 140’ x 4" deep (or so).
This is large enough for most regular residential houses to be placed on.

Of course you can make whatever shape you want in Sketchup.

Not sure what the incompatibility is here. Perhaps we could send a file in for review.

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Just tested it. Flawless!!!
You made my day with this new 2.0 relase. :slight_smile:

VERY BIG THUMBS UP to the developers.

D5 TEAM! - Thank You for your hard work!

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g. Im also finding (right click, surface edit)…make sure smoothing and scale are NOT checked. I found this messes things up as well…also texture map type needs to be box or ortho…cyl, sph, mess things up as well. :raised_hand: :call_me_hand: :v:


Awesome update, D5 team! Can’t wait to start working on new projects on this new version. :slight_smile: One note about the new 3d grass, would be interesting if there was an option for the grass size. If you reduce the height too much, it stays with many patchy areas. I’ll still explore this a bit more.


Why you didn’t make a full license for students like Enscape, and they have improved their Edu- license from 6 months to 1 years then 2 years now!
I hope I could the pro one for My school :pleading_face:

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Does rtx 20 series benefit from fedelity fx in d5 or dlss is already fine? Thanks.

Perhaps I am writing in the wrong place. But a couple of questions:

  1. a question about the “path” tool for the characters.
    If you take people running and walking in the same “path”. Their speed becomes averaged and people running away look slow, but walking fast. Together they look unnatural. Is this how it should work?

I understand that we can create 2 different “paths” for each type of people and they will move at different speeds.

  1. A question about scene statistics. When there are several video cards in the computer and the integrated graphics are on. Graphics card load statistics are read from the wrong video card.

In later versions, we will provide more adjustable parameters for 3d grass :grin:

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  1. If the initial speeds of the characters on the path are different, there may be a problem of mold penetration. Our current plan is to take the average speed of these characters to avoid mold penetration.
  2. Our graphics card occupancy data is read through the api provided by NV.
    The graphics card data on the task manager is to disassemble the graphics card into different modules and read the occupancy of each module.

Hope it helps!

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Hello, yes, FSR is built-in tech, and no need to control it manually. Nvidia graphic cards benefit from it in D5 as well.

Hi D5 TEAM. Just briefly reviewed the new updates list of improvements. Thank you so much for all the hard work and new features. Also looking forward to make the best of a better toolset for my workflow.

Just one comment… what about round corners/edge feature? I’m aware this has been in the pipeline for some time. Thank you.

Is it possible to add a density slider for the material grass template?


We will have it in the future.

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Round edge is still on the roadmap, we will have it in the future.
RoadMap | Board view (notion.site)