What’s new in D5 Render 1.8.1


  1. You can select “Cancel” if you have projects in progress.
  2. Recommended Driver Version: 457.51

New and Improvements

  • Supports .abc animation format import BETA

  • New Scale Tool for models

  • Supports hue, saturation, brightness and contrast adjustment when editing Base Color

  • Input box supports mouse dragging and arrow keys for precise adjustment

  • Supports Brush in Recent Use of D5 Assets Library

  • Auto-generates model thumbnails for the Local Library

  • Remember whether to hide elements for each scene


  • Large Scene files failed to be loaded after saved

  • Abnormal emissive effect

  • Render Queue saving error


1. Supports .abc animation format import

  • Supports Alembic(.abc) format import in the scene

Alembic is an interchangeable computer graphics file format developed by Sony Pictures Imageworks and Industrial Light & Magic. It has been widely adopted across the industry by visual effects and animation professionals.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (2)

2. Scale Tool for models

  • New Scale Tool for models. Select the Scale Tool from the Toolbar to resize the model, or use the shortcut V to switch the Move Rotation Tool to the Scale Tool.

3. Base Color editing

  • Adjust hue, saturation, brightness and contrast when editing Base Color

4. Input Box optimization

  • Supports mouse dragging and arrow keys for precise adjustment
  • Double-click the parameter name to restore the default value

5. Supports Brush in Recent Use of D5 Assets Library

  • Plant Tool works in Recent Use
  • The plant models become selectable when you select a tool

6. Auto-generates model thumbnails for Local Library

  • Models added to Local will auto-generate a thumbnail taken at the current location. Right-click on the model in Local and choose to upload or reshoot the thumbnail

7. Remember whether to hide elements for each scene

  • The hidden or displayed status of the elements in the list can be recorded in the scene lens through the update feature of the scene

Great update, thanks. Are we still on for next week release of 1.8.2? Kidding :joy:

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yes, upgrade directly from Ver 180, or download from d5render.com

Alembic - это то что надо :+1:

Always looking forward to the new updates. You guys are Awesome!!!

Good job guys! thanks for the hard work :muscle:t4:

someone know where find .abc files for tests?

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Yeah, Ivan
There are plenty files at sketchfab.
I imported a file and nothing happened. Dont think its working yet.
Link to Ambelic files (abc)

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next updates will be 1.9.0. Stay tuned!

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Hey Mate I got it working you need to import in a scene so you can see the model because it won’t load the texture of the ABC model.
Because of no texture, you cannot see the ABC model.
Couldn’t upload the MP4 file, lol

why still no other output format like EXR 32 bit???

Cheers team…thanks again.

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Try tuning on Realtime quality

Can i get a link to the offline asset library? thanks

Hi Ortzak, the whole asset library should be about 50 Gb, and our design is to pursue simplicity and convenience, so we currently may not provide a downloadable offline assets library. But later we will provide a quick-download feature.


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