What’s new in 1.4.1


New features:

  • camera clipping plane

  • using lookup tables (LUTs) for color grading


  • post processing parameters recover

  • artificial light parameters adjustments

  • auto-exposure improvements

  • default tone-mapping adjustments

  • emissive light quality enhancements

  • global illumination quality enhancements(previous project might dim a bit)

  • glossy reflection enhancements


  • white mode effect

  • volumetric light effect

  • UV mapping artifacts of .skp imported models

  • displacement materials artifacts of .fbx imported models

P.S. 92 new PBR materials are available now, a gift from @TextureBox to D5 community.

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Thanks, great news
Love how the update is available when you start the program.
So easy to update.

So Good


Excuse me,Why does download is 1.4.0 sir?

Great work from the staff Thank you very much for these improvements and I hope this work continues Because I liked the Render Engine For speed and quality, I moved from vray and lumion to d5 render Greetings and full appreciation


where can we locate the new pbr textures?

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