Warm interior spaces and 3D floor plan

Interior spaces
Evaldas Ciuzelis /3DnRvisual
RTX 3090
Archicad - d5 render - lightroom
Only some color grading in lighroom
Model is original

This is my first real interior project that I made during the weekend. I made 3D floor plan at first for the clients and then created interior shots that clients loved it and bought it as well

Uploading: G1.jpg…


Great work. Can’t wait for d to have a clip plane!!!


Nice work. Can I ask how you did the cutaway 3d floor plan, having the internal walls cut down and the external walls full height? Did you do this in ArchiCAD? Or is it 2 renders pieced together? Thanks

HI, thank you :slight_smile: all the cuts was done in archicad

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