VR application

Congratulations to D5, really amazing, but we need VR application, hurry please!


No problem, Gil. We will have it soon.
By the way, are you in our Discord server, and the Beta group(Preview channel)? If not, you could let me send you a link if you want, and you will be able to join the beta testing. :blush:

Hi, I would really love to join the beta list! Could you send the link?
Very thanks

ok, please check your private message box.

Hi Oliver

I am very interested in being able to test the Beta version for VR

and thanks

Oliver, It would be great, thanks, waiting beta link.

Hey! i want also beta testing vr and some new features.

Hello, you are already in our Preview channel in the Discord server, so no need to get another link. Please stay tuned on D5 Pro server on Discord. ( the 2.1 beta version has not come out, and we need to wait for a few months)

Sorry Bablo87, the beta version is not ready, and our Preview channel is available to Pro users only. Don’t worry, we will speed up the development of the update.

I sent you a private message, please check it. The beta version for VR is not ready for now, but will come out soon.