[Vote]The Rendering Features I Need

Hey guys,

We have selected 20 Feature Requests Related to Rendering from the user feedback across platforms.

You can choose up to 8 of them (which you might think are of higher priority) from the list below. The D5 product and development team will adjust the rendering feature development process according to the voting results, and the actual workload.

TO DO List
  • Caustics
  • SSS(Sub-Surface-Scattering) Material
  • Round Edges
  • Simulating Real Camera Parameters
  • Decals
  • Weathering Effect
  • Plants with Wind Effect
  • Random UV for Mapping
  • Channels of Panoramas
  • Outline Effect
  • Support .exr Files
  • Curve Parameters in Post-production
  • Translucent Video Materials
  • Tessellation Displacement Mapping
  • Output Channels of Videos
  • Panoramic Video
  • Add More Formats and Higher Resolution for Image Output
  • Color Plan
  • Multi-graphic Card/SLI
  • A Complete Weather System

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The voting ends when the above features are all implemented in D5 Render.

Good Morning,
I have already voted for the features update but I would like to suggest an other interesting update for D5 like water fall,improve the landscape, aged effect ,…

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What about FUR material??? I would give my 8 votes to that hejeje


Hello, these are very useful features . I am with you in the request!! :wink: Please D5 guys, include these features.

Hi guys ! :slight_smile:
a Z-pass for post compositing Z depth, defocus FX,… in Photo editor like PS, Gimp, Krita or Affinity Photo ! And a texture pass to enhance some textures in post-pro :slight_smile:
You’re great !


Hi fam,

If the origin post doesn’t have the feature you want, you can go to Voice of D5 Users
to better share your ideas and requests.

All the best,

Auto Recover might as well like in lumion, gpu drivers are not always good. others might experience random bsod or restarting which is a pain to the ass when you forgot to save the file. Btw I experienced that many times already.

i would like to see the second rendering method like DirectX path tracing with optix denoiser, just like in the Nvidia Omniverse app

In the *Voice of D5 Users * page
Voting should not be allowed if one is not a registered user of the forum. Right now it is possible to vote there without registration and unlimited times (at least from different IPs).

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Hi D5 team - so happy to see Round Edges at the top! Looking forward to the new release. Great work team.

i would like to see the second rendering method like DirectX path tracing with optix denoiser, just like in the Nvidia Omniverse app

We’ve started to limit the number of votes on the same IP. Thank you for your advice

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Why there is not included “Walking mode (with gravity enabled)” option?
it have got votes, isn’t it? - Walking mode (with gravity enabled) - D5 Render

Yes, but this topic is posted before we rolled out D5-featureupvote site. Don’t worry, not being listed here does not mean the feature is not under development.


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To me having rounded edges is the last major feature that Lumion has over D5. It’s enough that photo-realism of an item that is close to the view becomes incredibly hard, without tremendous work on the modelling side. This is the last feature limiting me from doing my professional renders in D5, instead of just using it experimentally currently.

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