Video export render speed?

Hi guys :slight_smile:
I am little bit confused here so decided to ask someone who knows more about D5 video rendering
I have bought D5 recently and tried my first of exterior scene video export in 1080p. See it in link to Youtube - its just rough export, no post but it doesnt matter now. It looks quite nice, but there some artifacts, noise from denoising and maybe antialising, but mainly it should be higher resolution to look nice.
So I tried to export 4K and went home. I was really surprised that first clip which has 15 seconds is still rendering. It finaly finished after 14 h 30 minutes! Just 15 seconds…

So a bit of info and numbers:
i7-9700-8 cores, 3.0GHz
RTX 2070 8GB

Render photo 1080p = about 3 minutes (180 secs/frame)

Render photo 4K = about 6 minutes (360 secs/frame)

Render video 1080p, 15 secs = 90min. (12 secs/frame)

Render video 4K, 15 secs = 14h. 40min. (117 secs/frame)

Yeah - that 4K looks beatifull - no artifacts great quality, but…I know the theory and rendering basics in ray tracing, that if I double resolution then render time is 4 times higher. It works like that offline renderers.
But see difference between 1080p and 4K render per frame almost 10x higher??? Why is that?

I was used to Twinmotion for making videos, but stability is terrible so I switched. D5 is great, but rendering video like 4K for so long is too much for me. TM had like 10-12 seconds per frame on 4K. I know that it has lower quality, no ray tracing, but it was not so bad. Clients were happy with that result.

Is there a way to speed up D5 ?
Boost quality (noise issues) on 2K video export ?
Tune down setting to render in 4K but lower ray tracing quality to speed it up?
Post process 2K video?

And above all, are my render times on my machine and RTX 2070 OK for this kind of scene? There is lot of vegetation and lot of trees also in other parts of scene. Does removing trees, grass which are not visible help to improve time, or is D5 culling them of somehow? What about DLSS, does it even work on export?

Hope for advices and more info to understand D5 rendering process more. Thank You guys for the good work on the software.

Cheers, Martin

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IMO 4x4=16, and that is why 4K render per frame almost 10x higher than 1080p…

Well 4K is 2x 1080p each side, so it is indeed 2x2 = 4. You can search for this on Google.

I personally believe that render times are 10x higher maybe because GPU memory, which is filled when rendering 4K and therefore process is slower maybe…someone from D5 may enlighten us more on this :slight_smile:

Hi Gravis3D,

Yes, removing trees and grass not visible can help to reduce the time it takes. And if possible, turn on DLSS, since it will help accelerate too. We will improve the algorithm and raise the speed in the next versions as well.

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HI, thanks for answer. Good to hear that rendering speed should be increased. I will test more on reducing un-needed vegetation.

I also bought Hitfilm to post process videos and have to say that its denoiser is really capable and with combination of sharpening effect after denoise, 2K video looks much better than raw export (mainly because the mentioned lower noise). So I am quite satisfied with result of 2K video with post process now.

If the rendering speed will be increased in new version, that is just great :slight_smile:

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Hi, is there any way we can see/ change the frame per second before exporting a video. I believe there should be an option where you can change the fps (24, 30, or 60 fps). Thanks

Hi, the fps is 30. We have not had an option to change it yet, we may add this feature in the future, but bigger fps would cost more time to render…


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Definitely would be great to have setting for FPS before export. Like 24 and sometimes lower frames can help reduce time significantly in slow moving or almost static scenes.

Thanks for letting us know.

Hi D5 team

We need 40 minutes to render a 40 second video for the interior.
D5 is great, but rendering video in 1080p is really too long for us.

Sorry, unfortunately we have to make all the video in “Enscape”. We make about 8 smaller videos for the interior design with QR-Code and are for clients and entrepreneurs

We hope in the future that we can do everything in D5. The rendering speed should be around 10 minutes for a 40 second video, that would be cool

Thank you for your good work