Video - Countryside Residence

Theme: Video and images of countryside residence in the Netherlands
Artist: @llopescastro
Graphics Card: 3060ti
Workflow: Skp + D5 + shotcut

Whether the model is original: client’s
Model source: client’s



Great work! Video is really nice, congrats
The only thing I would change is the hedge - there is a repetitiveness in one shot. Just mirror some of the groups or PS :smile:

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really beautiful pictures! May I ask how you made the grass so realistic? is this a normal map that has been applied?

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haha I agree with you man. Once you look carefully you see the repetition. Next time will do that (if I remember haha) thanks bro!

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Thank you! I think the way to go is to add at least 2 different grasses, have a nice density and make them as small as possible, Never the less I think they should improve the grass to make it less clunky and heavy! FPS drops a lot as it is