Vertical (Portrait) Resolution for Video Rendering

Hello D5 Team,

Is there any chance on near future that we have the option to render a vertical video? (or any other resolutions to make it flexible)

I think it’s really important because I have been using D5 default (Landscape) video resolution lately and then cut the frames to make it a vertical video for phone reels video resolution which seems to be not effective (takes longer to render because need more pixels and sometimes blurry because it’s cropped).

By the way, loved the new 2.4 update! it really helps interactive video to clients as it improves the lighting effects.

Hi mate, yes, it is possible. We are already working on this feature.


Oh yes, being able to do vertical video would take your product to a whole new level!

It would also be great to make the hiding fields less transparent when setting up the vertical image, to make it easier to concentrate on the composition.

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