I mainly work on external, landscape projects.

I find the lanscape/vegetation assets quite poor in content.
It would be grate to have the equal level of the program usage for external, richly vegetated external scenes.
Especially grasses à la Megascan 3D assets.
Bushes as well.
Tree are relatively easy importable.

Being a newbe here, is there any way to add a model, import to a current scene,mie, trees or any other objects, as in Lumion or Twinmotion?

Hi there,
Thanks for your suggestion! We are on the way to rich our vegetated material of D5. Maybe you can get more vegetated at next version.
BTW, May I do a survey of your location and what kind of specific plant species you need in your work?It will be very helpful for our material update!
About add a model, you can find import resource by using Alt+4, if you have any questions, just contact me! Hope to receive your suggestion

I live near the mediteranean see, would be nice to have trees and plants such as those you can find in dry climates, cactus, dried plants, succulents etc.


Ok, thanks for the suggestion, and I have recorded them to share with the product team.


Indeed I find that D5 Render has been still rather limited as far as exterior scenes are concerned.
As well as in matter of materials (asphalt, concrete, paving, grass, ground, etc) and models.
It would be the huge advantage to have Megascan alike or native - grasses, bushes, trees.

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I think it is lacking in the vegetation library of D5Render, groups of Lowpoly trees to fill the landscape that will be far from the camera (1000m ~5000m)

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Please add more hd grass, styles, and scatter. Lumion handles this so much better. Exterior d5 seems behind but interior it’s far ahead.

Plants, for my work:Birch tree, Syringa vulgaris, Acer ginnala, Acer tegmentosum, Prunus sargentii, Cerasus sachalinensis, Cerasus sargentii, Betula pendula youngii, Physocarpus opulifolius, Picea abies ‘Bicolor’, Ábies koreána, Picea omorika, Salix fragilis bullata, Tilia cordata !!, Acer Drummondii, Acer pseudosieboldianum, Acer saccharinum, Cornus alba ‘Ivory Halo’ (different varieties), spiraea japonica ‘goldflame’, spiraea japonica ‘little princess’ (different varieties), hydrangea ‘vanille fraise’, Malus niedzwetzkyana, Hakonechloa macra, Miscanthus Zebrinus, Miscanthus Sinensis Strictus, hosta lancifolia, hosta ‘praying hands’,prunus maackii amber beauty, buxus…
I’ve been writing this for a long time, but I’ll write it again anyway, it got lost… these are the most popular plants in my region

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I completely agree with you. The biggest problem is when you want to create bigger (or not so big) areas covered with grass. In this situation, I had to somehow cover the place when the grass from the asset library was ending (due to graphics card capabilities) with some bush or idn. The basic grass material is very poor comparing it to what can Lumion offer…


YES, these are very popular with our firm and location as well.

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